Simplify Fulfillment with the Power of Shipedge & OmniOrders.

Boost your fulfillment efficiency, eliminate manual tasks, and leverage the power of Shipedge.

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What does this integration do once it's connected?

  • Assign order fulfillment
  • Update fulfillment statuses
  • Report inventory availability
  • Receive shipment data from purchase orders
  • Update inventory receipts
  • Send or receive inventory transfers

Why should you integrate?

Supercharge your warehouse operations and streamline fulfillment with our powerful integration for Shipedge, a leading warehouse management system (WMS). This seamless connection with your existing OmniOrders platform unlocks a world of efficiency:

  • Automated Order Fulfillment in Shipedge: Eliminate manual order assignment in OmniOrders. Our integration automatically assigns tasks directly within Shipedge, ensuring faster picking and packing.
  • Real-Time Visibility with Shipedge: Keep customers informed with automatic fulfillment status updates in OmniOrders, reflecting the latest progress within Shipedge.
  • Sell with Confidence: Gain real-time inventory availability directly in OmniOrders, powered by Shipedge data. This prevents stockouts and allows you to sell with confidence.
  • Effortless Purchase Order Management in OmniOrders: Receive shipment data directly from purchase orders within OmniOrders, simplifying receiving and inventory updates based on Shipedge information.
  • Automated Inventory Management: Eliminate manual updates. Our integration automatically updates inventory receipts based on data received from Shipedge.
  • Seamless Inventory Transfers Through Shipedge: Send or receive inventory transfers directly through your Shipedge WMS, maintaining accurate stock levels across locations, all managed within OmniOrders.